Frequently asked questions

What do the services from DirectPay cost?

Our costs depend on what service you want us to perform and the bad debt risk you want us to take over. The moment at which you want to be paid is important as well. If you contact us, we can provide you with a price the same day.

How do I hand over my receivables?

DirectPay processes large numbers of invoices. In order to prevent errors and standardise operations as much as possible, we usually use automated delivery.

Can anyone become a client?

Entrepreneurs are always welcome to discuss the possibilities with DirectPay. We specialise in parties who work with large volumes, however. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Does DirectPay work abroad as well?

DirectPay is constantly expanding the territory it services. At the moment we can handle receivables from debtors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and throughout Scandinavia.

How does DirectPay contact my customers?

We decide in dialogue with you how we contact your debtors. That holds true for both the means of communication we use and the tone of our communications.

How do I receive the money that DirectPay collects on my behalf?

DirectPay pays out every Friday as standard. Of course this can be deviated from in the event of large volumes.

Is DirectPay a sound business?

DirectPay is a healthy business with good financial ratios. For years DirectPay has been buying and managing large volumes of receivables in various sectors and is known as a reliable partner. That is something we are proud of!

Want to know what we can do for you?

We will contact you as soon as possible

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