Your rights

DirectPay manages your outstanding invoices. We collect outstanding invoices with appreciation for personal situations. To avoid your overdue payments will become a problem, we offer possibilities for payment schemes, delayed payments of even a partial or full remission of the collection costs. Below you can read whether you are eligible for a special arrangements in case DirectPay is the owner of the claim.

Payment schemes

At your request you can always pay your outstanding invoice in four monthly instalments. No extra costs will be charged for this.

  • If you cannot pay in four monthly instalments, upon your request you can potentially agree on more instalments with DirectPay.
  • If your financial situations changes you can adjust your payment scheme upon request.
  • Did you agree to a payment scheme and are you possibly (once) not able to make payment? Upon your request you can skip monthly payment with a maximum of three times. The payment scheme will then be prolonged with the monthly instalments you have skipped.


Delayed Payment

You are eligible for delayed payment if:

  • You object to payment. In case your objection is partially or fully  rejected, the delay in payment is not applicable for the payment part that is rejected. Of course, for that part, you can still request a payment scheme. 
  • Personal circumstances, such as illness, passing of someone close, burn-out or other personal sorrow, avoid you being able to take care of you financial matters. This delay applies for a maximum of three months.
  • If you signed up for debt counselling and are awaiting case handling. Upon request you will get a postponement of three months and if needed this can be prolonged.
  • You are supported by a debt counsellor that is a member of the NVVK. Payment can be delayed with the period the debt counsellor is working on your case.
  • You have outstanding invoices that are over 60 days late. Upon your request we can make arrangements with other creditors. During the inventory period of 2 months maximum we grant a delay in payment.


Remission of collection cost

You are eligible for remission of collection cost if:

  • You live on social welfare benefit.
  • You do not earn more than the minimum wages.
  • You live below the minimum subsistence level


You are eligible for partial or full remission of your outstanding invoice(s) if:

  • You live on social welfare benefits for over 2 years.
  • You live below the minimum subsistence level and no improvement is to be expected.

No rights without obligations. To successfully apply for an arrangement it is essential that you answer questions from DirectPay in time, fully and truthfully. If so, we will promise to adjust our services and collection of outstanding invoices to your personal situation to the best of our ability.

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