Do you have debts? Get help!

Do you feel your financial worries and debts are getting out of your control? Don’t ignore them. There are ways to prevent the problem from getting worse so that you can move forward with peace of mind. Debt counselling has already helped a great many people get out of debt. But you must take action: the sooner the better.

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How do you ask for help?

The sooner you start seeking solutions, the better. So that you can move forward with peace of mind.  The best advice is to talk to a debt counsellor or debt assistance officer in your municipality. You can get more information on this at your local town’s  city hall.

A debt assistance officer or debt counsellor helps you solve your debt problems. The debt counsellor always tries first to find a solution with your creditor: what is referred to as the amicable route. If that fails, the court is asked for a solution: the legal route, under the Debt Management (Natural Persons) Act (WNSP).

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