What happens if we do not hear from you.

We would like to think along with you. Therefore we find it important that you are aware of the next steps and your possibilities in the payment process.         

If an invoice remains unpaid, you will first receive a reminder. If you don’t respond to this reminder, you will receive a second reminder in which we ask you to pay within 14 days.  If we have not heard from you after the last day of payment has passed, we are forced to charge a minimum of 40 euros collection costs in accordance with the Law Collection Costs

Then, if you still have not paid or are unable to pay,  legal steps can be taken, in which case your file will be handed over to a collection agency which can then transfer the file to a bailiff. This can result in additional cost. Of course we like to help you to avoid this. The best option in any event is to contact us, so that together we can find the best solution.

What happens if we do not hear from you.


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